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14 thoughts on “Chuck Norris Is Hiding

  1. sean says:

    its just so guy’s own joke the page looks but is not google web page…. it even links back to a genuine google page.

    hey don’t even attempt to hide the real web address

  2. Alexander says:

    Made my day 🙂

  3. LOL! I love it

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  4. Creta says:

    My boyfriend showed me this! It’s great! I love it! Makes me laugh….

  5. phumzile says:

    Oh My Gosh!!!this is sooo funny!!!

  6. Evil Dude 3 says:

    Its not a real page,its made up!

  7. Ryan says:

    OMG If it were not for this guy, i would have thought it was the real google page.
    Dude (evil dude 3), relax. It is a funny page, and it is there to make people laugh. No one actually thinks it is googles real page. (if it was it would be that much better, but o’well.)
    I Love people who get all into this stuff. Cause, just now they made me fall into their little game. they got serious and pissed off and now i am pissed off at myself for getting serious enough to make fun of this guy. OOps!

  8. Chadwick says:

    No, it actually is real. Go to and type “Find Chuck Norris” into the search box. Then click “I’m Feeling Lucky.” It will bring you to that page in the picture.

  9. DPW says:

    No Chadwick it is not a real google page.

    Foolish man.

  10. balls says:

    You still suck balls

  11. erse says:

    why are you using a robot readable captcha you mentalist

  12. Spencer says:

    It says at the bottom of the page that

    “This page has no affiliation with Google
    Created by Arran Schlosberg | Shlog
    Support this site (it’s free)
    Little White Headphones”

    not a real page… but funny none the less. There are a whole bunch of pages like this one. Try church of google, google goth, or g00gl3 1337 and hit I’m feeling lucky. They’re awesome.

  13. Icachowda says:

    i found the holy grail looking through the “pages from chucks beard” search

  14. Stefman says:

    hey bitch!!! that was funny as as hell!!! but, doug brown could beat up chuck norris.