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An Experiment with PDF Ads Via Yahoo

By - January 02, 2008

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Kevin Kelly is trying out a new ad insertion program with his book “True Films”. His write up is interesting and Kevin’s always thoughtful about these things.

Earlier editions of this book have been available on Amazon, Lulu, and as a cheap download from my site. But with this new version 3.0 I am trying something new. I am offering this 200-page full-color guide (perfect as a companion if you have Netflix) as a FREE download. It’s in PDF format, but with a twist. To help offset the significant bandwidth costs of these downloads (I hope my server can take the wave), I have appended advertisements to the PDF book. Here is how the ads work:

If you choose to see the ads, they will appear in a gray sidebar on the right, adjacent to the pages of the book, just outside the frame of the page…..These ads are inserted into the PDF by Adobe (using the Yahoo ad network) when you open the file. Like Google Adsense ads, they are contextual.

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4 thoughts on “An Experiment with PDF Ads Via Yahoo

  1. stone says:

    Yahoo’s network doesn’t exist. Google, and to a lesser extent, Quigo, have destroyed them. Any deals they get from here on out are headscratchers.

  2. This is interesting. I’ll have to download it now to see for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hans A. Koch says:

    Ads for Adobe PDF Powered by Yahoo! = Low Quality Traffic + revenue for Adobe.

    Why can’t I create my own ads and place them in the side bar?
    I can put links and banners but they will be static until i update the users PDF. Interesting…

  4. Russell O'Sullivan says:

    How do i download this book?

    If only Google could take over this idea… i ma sure they will soon.