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Yahoo Does Bloggers A Bigup

By - December 12, 2007

Yahoo is launching a WordPress plugin that allows WP bloggers (not me, I use Six Apart) to:

Find and recommend the content for blog posts by bringing it to the bloggers, rather than them having to copy and paste code.

Control the content by allowing webmasters to decide if the recommended content and UI are correct.

Enrich the experience on their sites by making them more streamlined, readable and inclusive of great content from Yahoo! sites including Yahoo! Autos, Yahoo! Finance, Flickr, Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Travel and Yahoo! Web Search.

Shortcuts are part of Yahoo!’s long-term strategy to understand Web users’ intent and deliver the best results and experience no matter the content type or source….

ER…seems like there’s a pretty significant bias toward Yahoo content, so far, but it’s a start…

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Does Bloggers A Bigup

  1. Ariel Seidman says:

    Hi John,
    You should take some credit for the Flickr feature in the plugin — posts like this got us thinking there should be an easier way. So, the plugin automatically recommends Flickr images under CC license and then brings the attribution along when you add the image to your post – we will let you know when MovableType is ready.

    We started with products like Yahoo! Finance, Flickr, etc. b/c they actually do have really great content, but the key thing here is started with.


    -Ariel Seidman
    Yahoo! Search

  2. John Battelle says:

    Hey, cool!