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Scoble On My Predictions

By - December 19, 2007

Robert says I did pretty well. You are too kind, my man – I still think there’s time for eBay to change senior management (they did fire Zennstrom…and I think I can make a case for #8 as well…). But thanks! My review of 2007 is coming, as are my 08 predictions. I had a nice chat with Robert today, he’ll be putting it up online soon.

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2 thoughts on “Scoble On My Predictions

  1. Bruce Curley says:

    I went to Scobalizer and read Robert’s right and wrong review of your predictions of technology, business and media for this past year.

    Good work. You got the trends and specifics right, mostly.

    You did a much better job than NOAA of predicting hurricanes or Wall Street of finding profit-making companies to invest in, so that’s something to be proud of.

  2. Rocky Barbanica says:

    Working on the video now… Will go up Friday (21st)
    GREAT interview-

    Rocky Barbanica
    Producer/Senior Editor
    PodTech Networks