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Duct Tape Interview

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John Jantsch, a small biz guru who is also part of the FM network, recently interviewed me. Listen here, if you dare!

An Idea About Language and The Internet

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I’m reading a book as I prepare to start the real work on my next book. Called The Language Instinct, by Steven Pinker (wikipedia), I’m finding it a fascinating read, if at times a bit too happy with itself. However, I chose it carefully, as I’ve been developing my own theories about the interplay of language, conversation, and the future of the Internet.

I have a longer post in me about my first revelation upon reading this work, but it’ll take a full day to draft. However, for the record, it has to to with the idea of pidgin vs. creole, and the idea of search as pidgin, and the creole we all are creating, unawares, as we navigate the web.

Yeah, it’s that kind of a post.

Just to let you hardcore readers know – the ones who came to read this site because of my Search meanderings – that I haven’t entirely lost the thread.

Keep me honest, is all I ask.

The Facebook Apology

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…is apparently going over well. I never really thought the company was in danger, just that Beacon needs tuning, and in particular that users need a more obvious benefit to using it. More thinking to be done here…

Ask Eraser Launches

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From SEL: has launched AskEraser, giving searchers the ability to search anonymously. told us about this tool back in July, and six months later, it’s now live for all searchers to use.

A Bit of Time Off

By - December 05, 2007


A buddy is turning 50 this week, and he’s invited 120 of his closest pals to this place. It was a hard decision, but…I’m going! So blogging will be….light.

Ask Says: We Got the "Real" Searches

By - December 04, 2007

It must not be easy for Ask to release its “reality snapshot of what people were truly looking to find over the past year” (according to the release) – look at what came in at #3.’s Top Real Deal Searches of 2007

1. MySpace

2. Dictionary

3. Google

4. Themes

5. Area Codes

6. Cars

7. Weather

8. Games

9. Song Lyrics

10. Movies

More here.

Google Wins Key Fair Use Suit

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Google has proven willing to use its lawyesr when needed, in this case involving Perfect Ten, I am happy with the result. Not because I’m all about thumbnails of nudes, though I find nothing wrong with ’em, but because anything that strengthens fair use is a good thing, I think.