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3 thoughts on “In 2008, Keep an Eye on Hadoop

  1. If Google does see this competitor gaining traction – they will probably react proactively if they see this as a threat in any way.

    Probably like Microsoft reacted to Linux, Google will start releasing bits of code and APIs to Developers to keep alliances.

  2. eric baldeschwieler says:

    Hi John,

    We should catch up on Hadoop sometime.


  3. Hiroko says:

    Google’s actually endorsing it–see the press release about the Google/IBM parallel computing teaching project:

    I can see positives and negatives to Google for Hadoop, though. Positive: more job applicants that have experience using a mapreduce-like system, which means they will come up to speed faster and with less training or mentoring. Negative: as Google old-timers vest and leave, they’ll have more ability to apply the scaling skills they got at Google to whatever startups they’re going to. I guess the question is whether or not hiring is faster than attrition.