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  • Simon Smith

    120 friends?! That makes me look like a social recluse! I wouldn’t even have enough time to talk to them all.

  • Andrew Holladay

    Say hi to Andy and Red.

  • Rodrigo

    Woooow! It’s all ok if you invete me next time =]

  • newmoneytwinz

    seeking music and video distribution

  • Nernie Mac

    Wow! I’m using the James Bruasch Freedom Business Sytem so I can freedom to enjoy a vacation in a place just like that!

  • Silicon Valley

    John, we want to create a complete resource on the Histories of Silicon Valley, The Internet & The PC.

  • Shirley Burling

    I’m impressed you have time to have time off with your blog! Mine keeps me pretty busy. I’ve invested in Glyphius to try and save me time but I still dont have time for a night off!

    Like the blog by the way, it’s a great read

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