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We Got Your Ten Million Right Here

By - November 12, 2007

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Ten million seems to be the magic figure lately. Or…maybe not. It was the amount Sergey mentioned as the bogey when he announced the founders award at Google (an award that doesn’t seem to stop folks from pursuing new startups our side of Google). Then $10 million came up as the amount Facebook was willing to fork over as an incentive to its own developers, as it launched and nourished its then-new Platform.

Now, Google has pledged another $10 million prize: for developers who will use its Android mobile platform. Shit, I’m in the wrong biz. Time to become a developer…

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One thought on “We Got Your Ten Million Right Here

  1. Ben Ortega says:

    You’re just realizing you should be a developer!! I’ve been kicking myself around for a couple of years now. Damn coders!