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The WSJ to Join the Conversation

By - November 14, 2007

Mike pinged me yesterday to note that perhaps someone was listening over at the new Dow Jones – the walls are coming down from the biggest paid site, (AP report), and the Journal is integrating paid links into Digg, a smart move. My book rant on “The Point to Economy,” a major meme in my ongoing research on the Conversation Economy, is here.

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2 thoughts on “The WSJ to Join the Conversation

  1. jenkins says:

    Quigo is a HUGE winner. Where’s the post?

  2. Amanda Mooney says:

    Hi John,
    Have you seen the effort Dow Jones is making with its Market Watch Community site? Pretty interesting. The site prominently features streaming user comments and a Facebook-like newsfeed of member activity on its homepage. Open access to news content and an open community space with this site is a nice move in the right direction it seems.