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Pay Attention: Google Is Leveraging

By - November 07, 2007

What to make of this?

We’d like to announce two changes to site targeting in Google’s content network. First, because site targeting now offers more precise targeting options, we’ve given it a more appropriate name: placement targeting. Second, we’re introducing a new cost-per-click bidding option so you can now pay per click or per impression.

Introducing placement targeting

When site targeting was first introduced two years ago, advertisers could search for specific URLs or topics to find individual sites in the Google content network and run their image and text ads on these sites. Over time, we’ve introduced other features like targeting by demographics and richer ad formats such as click-to-play video ads. Now, advertisers can target not only websites but also precise subsections of sites, such as the football pages of a news site, the show times section of a movie site, and even a specific ad unit (a block of Google ads) on a particular webpage.

Because of these new changes, we’ve changed the name from site targeting to placement targeting. The term “placement” can be used to refer to any site or subsection of a site that you choose to target. As the number of placements available for targeting continues to grow, you’ll have even greater control over the parts of the Google content network on which your ads appear.

As you move up the chain of value in the ad world, you must have a few things. You must have flighting – the ability to run ads at a specific time in a specific place on a specific site. And you must have service – the ability to change those flights when you want, as you want, and to learn what is working, what is not, and why. And, you must have integration – the ability to make your ads conversant with the flights you’ve bought.

Google, with this evolutionary move, is working on the first two of these key items. The company is still entirely focused on scaled, software driven approaches. But it’s working its way toward approaches that only work when humans are involved. Very interesting.

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4 thoughts on “Pay Attention: Google Is Leveraging

  1. you have to wonder with all the PHDs and brainiacs who work there – how just ONE BLOG POSTER can trigger so many changes.

    Did you see the months of abuse by the other commenters including the blog owner that resulted from these controversial posts?

    You can imagine what the politics are like there? Few employees would dare risk that to show a company their flaws and insists on wide ranging re evaluations.

    While a regular commenter – who no one knows anything about – will only receive insulting replies to posts, employees could have their careers compromise and be ostracized.

    Perhaps Google is not such an oasis after all?!


  2. nmw says:

    1. who runs these sites?

    2. who is doing the “flighting”?

    3. much more important (and of course mentioned “BTW”), GOOG appears to be abandoning clicks, links, blablabla…


    ;D nmw

  3. John, do you have any more insight on Google’s In Game Advertising? We currently do quite a lot of casual in game ads for clients, are they planning a network? I would assume pre roll video with targeted demos? Will they offer leader boards, skyscrapers, lock down with 100% SOV? Very interested in where they are going here?
    Charlie Bragg
    Engage Video Game Advertising

  4. jenkins says:

    sounds like Quigo’s approach, John.