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Marissa In Action

By - November 12, 2007

The search space is again heating up, as social search takes center stage due to the MySpace and Facebook incursions on Google’s stranglehold. I had a very interesting talk today with Chamath Palihapitiya, VP of Product Marketing & Operations at Facebook, more on that soon. But it came to mind as I reviewed this interview on Om Malik’s show (thanks for the tip, Ben). Marissa talks about a lot of things, but I can’t help wondering how much of her time is worrying about social search, about which Venturebeat reports she’s less than enthusiastic.

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2 thoughts on “Marissa In Action

  1. nmw says:

    Great link! Definitely watch the video — I wonder whether and/or how much I would have gotten out of it had I only listened to the audio track.

    Haha, Om also says he would rather go short on the stock….

    One other thing. If I need open heart surgery, would I go to a car mechanic? (I don’t think so)…

    hahaha — after I wrote that, I went to http://openheartsurgery.COM ;D .BIZ is still available (as is .NET with hyphens — so if somebody is looking to enter this line of business, now is the time to pick up your business card 😉

    What do business cards have to do with credit cards? Well, maybe not much. What do credit cards have to do with shopping carts? Hmm — no, not much I guess…

    One other thing (part 2): why has the share price of Google dropped 5% per day for the last three days? 15% of some humungous sum is more than just “petty cash”, right?

    Speaking of tulips…

  2. John Clinebell says:

    I’m sure this is why Google is going after developing that social networking application so aggressively. They’ve got to nip all these social networks in the bud before they eat too much into their profit margins!