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Links for now…I know, I know…

By - November 06, 2007

But I need more time to post on Facebook’s stuff. I was at a meeting in San Jose when it broke. I mean, WHO COMMUTES IN THE VALLEY? MY *GOD*, it took me nearly three hours to get from San Jose to Marin at 5 pm today. Who does this every day? Any of you?

Anyway….some fun links for the day:

Henry on the Google economy.

The Facebook press releases.

Forbes on Facebook. And the Merc. Mark Z: “marketers are going to be part of the conversation” – sheesh, where have I heard that before?

Search your genome, baby.

Yahoo says sorry for China, in a way.

Newspapers are sorry that Google exists, in a way.

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  • Kim

    I commute every day from San Francisco to Santa Clara every day. Even though I get to go in the HOV lane with my Prius, I am still in the car 2.5 – 3 hours every day. I am slowly but surely dying inside! So yes, I feel your pain.

  • gregory

    commuting is crazy, why would anyone do it, for money? one undervalues oneself then… but that is what america is, freeways and shopping malls, at least for the near future… i cannot wait for oil to hit 250 a barrel, or 300, and the dollar to be worth about 30 cents… (then how valuable will walmart’s business plan be, or the commuting thing…) so life can get a bit more human again… THAT is progress