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Day Two: Facebook Ads

By - November 07, 2007

Well, the news is out, and it’s at least far more interesting than it was threatening to be. But it’s not as interesting as I wish it were.

But, for a small team cranking for four months time, it’s directionally very promising.

So what to make of it? First, I’ll assume readers are familar with the basics. If you want a refresher on what was announced, head here.

But I have some questions, the answers to which I’ve either missed in the coverage, or are so far not addressed. My guess is it’s the former, but in any case, before I write anything about it, I want to talk with Facebook folks. So I’m going to do more reporting first.

But on first review, I am impressed. The next step is much more difficult: will these prove out for marketers. At the end of the day, performance outs. Google proved it. Facebook has to as well.

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