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Crash Boom

By - November 25, 2007

I recently (over the weekend) upgraded to a suggested new version of Mac OSX, 10.4.11 or somesuch, and it’s killed my ability to work normally – Firefox and Safari both crash without notice nearly every time I launch em. So it’s hard to do the kind of writing/reading I usually do on a Sunday night/Monday morning…more when I know more…

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2 thoughts on “Crash Boom

  1. My Leopard upgrade won’t let me open Safari – Firefox is as great as ever but,,,,,

  2. I had a similar problem and it turned out to be an incompatible third-party browser plugin. Here’s the solution that worked for me from a discussion at the Apple support site:

    “If you have installed 10.4.11 and Safari is crashing, the very first thing to do is clear out your InputManagers folders (both in your own Library and in the top-level /Library), log out and log back in, and try again. Disable all third party add-ons before updating Safari, as they may not have been updated yet for the new version. Add them back one by one. If something goes awry, remove it again and check on the software manufacturer’s website for news of an update to match your version of Safari. Remember: Tiger up to 10.4.10 used Safari 2.0.4 or, if you downloaded it, Safari 3.0.3 beta. Safari 10.4.11 uses Safari 3.0.4 which is not a beta.”