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Catchin' Up

By - November 19, 2007

A Monday morning catch up, given I was offline a lot last week:

More details on Jimmy Wales’ search play, and a rumor about it looking a lot like social networking.

Facebook rumored to be making its first major M&A play, in China. (TC) But wait…it was just a rumor. I still am curious how FB makes acquisitions with anything but cash, given that massive valuation from Microsoft. Will it close another few hundred million so it has a real cash war chest, I wonder?

TC also wonders about a new approach to magazines from Google, based on a recent patent.

Google loses another early employee, Gokul Rajaram. (SEL)

Amazon introduces the Kindle. I’m not sure about this. I’ll grok it as it comes into the world naturally. That is to say, I don’t plan on buying it, but if folks I respect keep telling me how wonderful it is, I will.

Google Flickr-izes its index. Er, Picaserizes.

Rumors, more rumors, this one that Google wants Skype.

Obama got game when it comes to Net related policy.

…more when I get a minute. Which recently is never.

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