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Yahoo Launches Significant Search Update

By - October 01, 2007

Yahoo has launched a new search interface that more deeply integrates its core properties (Local, Sports, Music, etc.) and implements key new features like a new search assist based on concepts, not just query suggestions. I will have a deeper look soon, but my damn home wifi is down, and I can’t post pictures. I’m working off a Verizon card at the moment… Link.

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7 thoughts on “Yahoo Launches Significant Search Update

  1. MSN Live has just debuted THEIR new look

    The organic serps page has been redesigned for a new cleaner look

  2. Matt Cox says:

    *clicks link* Oh my, I wasn’t expecting that.

    I like it. (but then I would [/biased])

  3. tomer molovinsky says:

    A new search tool called PredictAd is offering a service that offers individual websites and blogs similar features that Yahoo has added (autocomplete, rss live search).

    Check out this article on PredictAd for more info:

  4. Omar says:

    It looks very much like Google’s and Microsoft’s new Live inteface. They always imitate the leader.

  5. Adam says:

    I guess on the surface the new Yahoo search looks like Google or MS Live’s interface, but I really like the Search Assist tool (can get a better look at instead of If anything, I think the drop down box is too subtle and new users might be missing it. Overall, nice work.

  6. Jeremy Crane says:

    I’m happy to see Yahoo! getting back into the game. I think the search world could use some creativity. I was pleased to see Ask’s changes a few months ago, but a little disappointed they haven’t caught the public eye a little more. I’m curious whether any changes to web search at this point can have any impact on behavior. It’s funny a few days ago I posted on our blog about Yahoo! getting more click through on search results than Google.

    There’s a lot of complicating factors to my very simply cut of the data but it’s still interesting to see things shifting around a bit.

    Also interesting to Jobs speaking to Yahoo! execs … I always thought of Apple and Google being joined at the hip.

  7. Jeremy Crane says:

    oops here’s an updated link on the comment above.