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Social Advertising

By - October 24, 2007

The hints of Facebook’s next move continue.

“You are invited to a discussion with Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook executive team as we unveil a new way of advertising online.”

I have to say, I do not see why MSFT or Google are competing to get a chunk of Facebook, given what this announcement is most likely to be.

What is it likely to be? Er, a competitor to AdCenter and AdSense, of course. A syndicated play, without a doubt. Has to be. Unless that chunk comes with some serious intel, I’d save the money and plow it into competing.

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7 thoughts on “Social Advertising

  1. Randy White says:


    I would be interested to see an advertising conversation that revolves around the way Social media are responding to a contracting economy.


  2. Hi John, I totally agree with you. Not seems Facebook to be valued at a ridiculous price, they won’t be able to monetize that in ads. Increasing the ad pressure on user’s personal space will not do. With their walled gardens and tendency to put value on the network (aka social graph), instead of thinking about creating user value, they will in the end distance themselves from their users. I might make a fool out of myself, who knows, but I am starting the countdown for the downfall of Facebook:

  3. stone says:

    They either have this great partnership OR they have this great ad system coming — which is it? It’s total bullshit the web calls coopetition. I personally hate concept and think it’s the worst part of the web. Boeing doesn’t buy engines from Airbus!

  4. nmw says:

    quite probably a couple bottles of Champaign were corked @

    ;D nmw

  5. nmw says:

    ps: I think I need a keyword spell-checker! ;D

  6. stone says:

    John, you’re joking, right? Facebook is going to launch a syndication model? Don’t they first have to figure out to monetize their own site? If they’re soooooo grreeaaaatttt at monetizing *anything* why do they need Microsoft? Stop the madness and get real with your readers — there is no syndication model for Facebook because Facebook may not exist in a few years. They have a long way to go and a lot to prove. Microsoft didn’t validate anything.

  7. Jeff Tadie says:


    As we talk to hundreds of local merchants per month via our local search SEM operation about “local search”, we’re continually struck with thinking…”and we’ll soon have to explain social network advertising to this business owner?”

    Seems a little out of reach for many local merchants. Self-serve? Doubt it.

    In contrast, we’re launching a chain of walk-in retail SEM/marketing stores, with some good early successes.

    We’ve invested heavy to learn the real ‘point of sale’ is the live sit-down interaction with customers where we have the flexibility to educate, explain and deliver packages that cause informed customers to be loyal.