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Bosworth Re-Appears

By - October 07, 2007

Adam Bosworth has started blogging again, now that he’s left Google. He’s staring a new company, but won’t say what. Watch this space!

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F'in Spam

By - October 06, 2007

The “sohbet” spam is back, somehow penetrating our defenses and wasting half my morning fighting brush fires. I may turn comments off for a while, sorry. Back at it soon. Does anyone know anything about this sohbet spam?

Still Travelin

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Lots of interesting stuff today. Spent the afternoon with Chris DeWolfe of MySpace and others there, it was enlightening. Also, the morning with Terra Networks at a client event, where I preached conversational media. Back at posting as soon as I can.

Google Calls Out Verizon

By - October 03, 2007

BAM! The words ain’t minced in this post about the 700Mhz spectrum, which as I have covered in the past, is turning into a major fight between Google and the telcos. Check this post on Google’s public policy blog:

Just three weeks ago, Verizon filed a lawsuit against the FCC, seeking to overturn the FCC’s attempt to bring Internet-style consumer choice via the 700 MHz auction. In a recent court filing, the company has also threatened to have next January’s auction itself halted unless the consumer choice provisions are eliminated. Now come various news reports suggesting that Verizon is lobbying behind the scenes (and in apparent violation of FCC rules) to once again convince the FCC to water down key aspects of the pro-consumer rule provisions.

In the usually bloated legalese of lobbying and politics, this is a major calling out.

Travelin' Day

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You know the drill….

4000 Posts

By - October 02, 2007

First Sblog

Three posts ago, this blog crossed 4000 entries. It makes sense it’d happen this week, four years after this site launched nearly to the date. It seems my average has been about 1000 posts a year. Wow.

It’s been quite a trip so far. Four years ago, I had no idea what I was doing with my life. The Standard was two years dead, I was working on a book that terrified me, and I had some ideas – for a new conference, and for a business that might support full time independent media guys like myself.

Four years later, I hear rumbling the Standard is going to relaunch, The Search is in 26 languages (and still a bestseller, two years after, in a couple categories on Barnes and Noble!), Web 2 is in its fourth year with six conferences in three countries, and my dream of supporting independent authors has turned into FM, which turns profitable this month on a eight figure revenue run rate with 140 amazing authors and more than 41 million worldwide uniques.

I honestly can’t comprehend how this all happened – save that I and several teams of amazing people have worked very, very hard these past four years. But I am sure it never would have without this site, and you as supporters, critics, and sounding boards. It’s an honor to be here still, hacking away.

And if I have one goal for the next four years, it’s that I can get back to writing out loud here, and feeding this site and the conversation it sparks more thoughtfully than I have been recently.

I hope you’ll continue to come along for the journey.

Thank you.