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GoogleClick in Europe: We'll "Preserve Some Business Practices"

By - October 23, 2007

Not sure exactly which practices, and the reporter on this Bloomberg piece apparently does not care to find out, any ideas?

“In response to third-party concerns, Google has committed to the European Commission that we will keep certain DoubleClick business practices unchanged,” Julia Holtz, Google’s London- based competition lawyer, said in an e-mailed statement. The acquisition is “a good deal” for publishers, advertisers and users, she said.

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Conversation with HP's Vyomesh Joshi

By - October 22, 2007

Think HP’s all about printers? Think again. This was a very enlightening conversation for me…

Murdoch and DeWolfe Conversation

By - October 21, 2007

This one was also a lot of fun, it’s always nice to relax after dinner and get a little loose. The conversation had plenty of news, as well – Chris and Rupert announced a new contract (two more years for Chris and partner Tom), and discussed how the platform would open up as well.

The Mark Zuckerberg Conversation

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Some coverage of this conversation claim I was too hard on Mark. I don’t think so, and I think he was pretty savvy in his response. His first answer left me a bit speechless, I’ll admit – I am used to folks saying no comment when I ask about on going negotiations….

Facebook All Hands

By - October 20, 2007

I posed the first question of the Web 2 Summit\ to Mark Zuckerberg (video). “How’s the funding going,” I asked him. “We’re nearly done,” he replied.

Owen has a scoop: An all hands has reportedly been called for Tuesday for all Facebook employees. As someone who has called all hands meetings for hundreds of employees (at the Standard and at Wired), this does not happen without a very significant reason.

Perhaps Mark is now done…


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Web 2 was amazing, exhausting, and exhilarating. Thanks for all the kind words from readers, pals, and colleagues. The video is starting to trickle out, check the home page for all the links. It was really, really fun to interview Zuckerberg, Murdoch, DeWolfe, Ballmer, Stephenson, Doerr, and more. Wow. What a privilege. And so much fun! The Web Bowl was hilarious, LaunchPad was awesome….four years in, it just keeps getting better.

Now, to sleep.

Nearly There

By - October 19, 2007

We’re rounding the corner and into the home stretch at Web 2, today we hear from J. Craig Venter, Randall Stephenson of AT&T, the Google Alumni Club (folks who left Google recently) and John Doerr (who is on Google’s board).

Speaking of the company, it killed earnings again yesterday…

Journalists Of All Stripes May Get Shield Law (That Includes Us Bloggers)

By - October 17, 2007

From ars:

The Free Flow of Information Act has just cleared the House by a vote of 398-21, but that doesn’t mean President Bush has any interest in signing it. The bill would offer protection of sources and documents to journalists (including professional bloggers) caught up in federal investigations, and could put an end to images of reporters led from court in handcuffs after refusing to testify. The Bush administration sees it as carte blanche to leak government information without penalty, though.

<rant on>Sorry Bush administration, this one is your bad. IF we can’t shield sources, the terrorists win, to turn your language around. Because democracy depends on folks standing up to overreaching powers that be. Including Presidents.

I for one hope that Bush vetoes it, and then is overridden. It’d be a very sweet victory.