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Layering Commentary Onto Google Earth

By - October 11, 2007


Google announced today the integration of YouTube videos into Google Earth. From the release:

The integration of YouTube functionality into Google Earth offers a

new way to experience destinations as seen through the eyes of YouTube

users who have visited them, enabling people to watch, hear and feel

what’s happening in locations they may never have otherwise visited.

Recall my riff on how I think Google will dominate in the world of Second Life, version 2.0:

Second Life is all about play, and fantasy, and alternative realities. I’m going to guess that Google’s version is going to be all about reality, and mashing up AdWords, Google Earth, Sketchup, and the Yellow Pages/Google Local. The two will live quite nicely one next to the other, and most folks who use one will probably not see using the other as even vaguely competitive.

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4 thoughts on “Layering Commentary Onto Google Earth

  1. Mike Mothner says:

    Google Earth combined with YouTube… this is certainly a unique combination of two quite different concepts. Yet, when you think about it, it may become increasingly popular as people begin to catch on to the concept since at the moment it seems a little far-fetched.

  2. Chad Bam says:

    Check-out my post on:

    if you’re interested in Google’s strategy…enjoy.


  3. Bertil says:

    Would I be too demanding in asking for something that looks more like PhotoSynth by Microsoft?

  4. Sylvie74 says:

    unfortunatly, such videos are not always relevant !
    for better quality, you may prefer to use or , where videos are selected regarding quality and pertinence criteria ?
    Points of interest are classified in 50 categories (capitals, events, natural/cultural places, outdoors activities …)
    it can show videos from youtube, dailymotion, google video, turnhere …