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Google Calls Out Verizon

By - October 03, 2007

BAM! The words ain’t minced in this post about the 700Mhz spectrum, which as I have covered in the past, is turning into a major fight between Google and the telcos. Check this post on Google’s public policy blog:

Just three weeks ago, Verizon filed a lawsuit against the FCC, seeking to overturn the FCC’s attempt to bring Internet-style consumer choice via the 700 MHz auction. In a recent court filing, the company has also threatened to have next January’s auction itself halted unless the consumer choice provisions are eliminated. Now come various news reports suggesting that Verizon is lobbying behind the scenes (and in apparent violation of FCC rules) to once again convince the FCC to water down key aspects of the pro-consumer rule provisions.

In the usually bloated legalese of lobbying and politics, this is a major calling out.

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4 thoughts on “Google Calls Out Verizon

  1. holden says:

    I love the irony of the Verizon ad appearing below your post… anyone read Verizon’s Ts & Cs lately? It is not about choice… I applaud Google for trying to edge into VZs space.

  2. John says:

    It’s a shame this sort of news doesn’t make it out of the tech sector. Maybe people would wise up and ditch Verizon if they heard this. They deserve a public lashing for such tactics.

  3. Chad Bam says:


    Great observation on this. Next week I will have an in-depth analysis on Google’s mobile strategy, which will include the Telco’s, mobile adds, spectrum (700Mhz & others), and the G-phone. It will be a five part series at Let me know your thoughts, as mobility is my forte (and I obviously have an interest in Google)!


  4. Hiroko says:

    Where’s Judge Greene when we need him? Someone needs to remind Verizon that they are not the Bell System any more.