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Big Day for Web Apps

By - October 01, 2007

Adobe is getting more aggressive in its expansion of web based applications outside its core, Microsoft is finally taking the next step, (but TC is not impressed) and the space is really heating up. What a fall!

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One thought on “Big Day for Web Apps

  1. Michael Mace says:

    I agree that there’s a lot of activity, but I wish somebody would explain what major user problem these online tools are solving and how that’s supposed to replace Office. Having the ability to do a group review of a document online is neat, and I’m sure it’ll get used, but it’s a vast leap from that to replacing the word processor you use to create that document in the first place.

    When we’ve looked at user adoption trends for web apps, it seems to be directly tied to what practical user problem you solve.

    Mike, Rubicon Consulting