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If Google Buys Sirius

By - September 24, 2007


I’m shorting the stock. Oh wait, I don’t have any stock. But if I did, I’d short it. That would signal, to me anyway, that the company is overreaching. It’s pretty close as it is, in terms of how much pasta is being thrown at walls. You can’t do 25 things well at once.

What am I talking about? This rumor.

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4 thoughts on “If Google Buys Sirius

  1. stone says:

    Most of the rumors about Google tend to be false. I do agree that Google’s trying to do too many things, and they will be punished for it someday. Here’s what I think: they think they’re smarter than everyone else and that they can be the first company to literally be all things to all people without f**king up the company. It’s call hubris and it’s not new.

  2. Brian says:

    Do you know what shorting is? You don’t own a stock in order to short it. You borrow it, sell it under the assumption it will drop in price, buy it back at the (hopefully) lower price, give back the stock to whoever you borrowed it from, and keep the profits minus any interest paid to the loaner.

  3. geeurbie says:

    Rumors… Wasn’t that a Fleetwood Mac album?

  4. Andy says:

    Nice one Brian, …I was about to point out what shorting is as well! 🙂 Of course, …you can also short stock you own.