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Yet Another People Search Engine: Peek You

By - August 15, 2007

PeekyouPeekYou relaunches today. I’ve played a bit with it, the release claims it’s better than everyone else, I don’t see it. The bar ain’t too high right now. Who out there is going to start to scrape all the social networks and get this right? OR is someone already and I’m missing it? PeekYou says it can do it:

A PeekYou profile helps other people find your websites, social-networking pages, photos, or anything else about you online. You can also create a profile for friends or relatives to ensure that they may also be easily found online.

But it didn’t find my LinkedIn, MySpace, or Facebook page. It’s not like I’m hard to find….

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4 thoughts on “Yet Another People Search Engine: Peek You

  1. LuVogt says:

    Both and at least scrape LinkedIn, and claim to scrape others.

  2. Ed Kohler says:

    Sounds like a poor name choice considering the privacy concerns people will have this that type of application.

  3. wahlala says:

    Why don’t you create you’re profile? Thats how it’s supposed to work.

  4. Stephen Pitts says:

    John, I like the idea that everything isn’t just scrapped from social sites like LinkedIn, MySpace, FaceBook and others. This gives you the opportunity to manage your personal information online.