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WordPress v Moveable Type

By - August 17, 2007

I’ve got pals at both companies, and our authors at FM use both (I use MT). I’ve always wondered about whether the grass is greener, here’s Mashable’s handy review of both.

After tallying it all up, WordPress comes out on top beating Movable Type in many areas.

Overall, Movable Type is a well put-together offering by SixApart definitely warranting a try: we’d say it’s actually superior for no-nonsense business people who want a professional solution fast. However, WordPress is the stronger offering for the general user with great features and an unsurpassed community.

In a few months, as Movable Type heads towards greater openness, we think the gap will be closed. MT will certainly be worth another look around that time. And frankly, if you plan to spend many years with your blog platform of choice, why not try out both and see which one you prefer?

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4 thoughts on “WordPress v Moveable Type

  1. mike says:

    If you want a scapegoat, go with MT (read: “I didn’t do anything! It just broke on its own!”) If you don’t mind problem solving, give WordPress a whirl (read: you acknowledge you’re an occasional screw-up who can correct the problem efficiently and effectively).

    I’ve used WP on a few sites mainly because of the quick installation, theme selection and huge plugin database. The one price you do wind paying for this free CMS is the tech support… or lack thereof. Sometimes the message exchanges between the noobs and gurus in the forums can get downright nasty. Otherwise, it’s pretty solid, but I am willing to give the next MT a try.

  2. Anil says:

    John, thanks for the mention of the new version of MT. It’s probably worth mentioning that the linked review was clearly not using a current version of the MT4 release (I think the first screenshot is from the *last* version of MT?) but more importantly that our goal isn’t a us vs. them comparison — we’re looking, as always, to get more people blogging. Hope people check it out and tell us what they think.

    And Mike, we’ve worked hard to build a positive community; I think the supportive nature of so many people who use MT is one of its best features.

  3. StockJockey says:

    I just switched from an older version of MT to Expression Engine. No contest, EE in a landslide. Kedrosky is looking for an upgrade, he should take the plunge.

    No contest. I have not used WordPress, however.

  4. Howard Owens says:

    We’re about to switch our shop from WP to MT. WP just doesn’t handle the management of multiple blogs well. MT does. I love WP but it just doesn’t meet our needs. We tried Lyceum, but it just isn’t ready for primetime.