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Watch This Space: Microsoft Edges Closer to AdSense

By - August 22, 2007

Over at Ars:

Microsoft announced yesterday via the Windows Live Blog that it plans to extend its Content Ads beta program to all US customers who wish to advertise on MSN properties. Previously, the program was limited to a small selection of advertisers and the MSN sales team, but it will now be available to the public to test out starting on August 29. The ads will be displayed on select Microsoft properties—such as Real Estate, Money, MSN, and Windows Marketplace—and will eventually expand out to other Microsoft-owned properties and “premium partner sites.” If Content Ads manage to take off as well as Google’s AdSense program, then competition between Microsoft and Google could heat up and force both to offer even better options to advertisers and, eventually, publishers.

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3 thoughts on “Watch This Space: Microsoft Edges Closer to AdSense

  1. Tim Sturtewagen says:

    MSN Belgium announced a pilot of a similar service on the local version of MSN, some days ago. Press releases are available on the Benelux MS advertising site (only in Dutch and French; automatic translation in english).
    (yes, I do work for the company providing this service, shame on me for posting this comment)

  2. stone says:

    Another strange product release by MSN. They’re only 3 years too late. No one wants them to place ads on their site until they can make MSN profitable.

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