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Google: Eyeing S3, EC2?

By - August 12, 2007

This rather pedestrian news, reported by SEL, strikes me as possibly more interesting when you consider that Amazon’s EC2 and S3 are getting serious traction.

In short, Google, which made its entire reputation in mail on the idea of “(nearly) unlimited storage” is now rolling out the ability to pay for more storage.

The new service includes photo service Picasa.


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2 thoughts on “Google: Eyeing S3, EC2?

  1. Abhishek says:

    Its pretty interesting the way they have positioned their services. Unlike other storage services, they are positioning it horizontally, which most other providers cannot afford.

    Here are some of my thoughts. Take a look:


  2. Kamal Jain says:

    John, the wheel took a full circle though grew in size. This is not very different business model than what Yahoo, Hotmail, and other used to have. The only difference is the size. That’s because on the one hand the cost of memory has decreased and on the other hand the advertising revenue has increased. Of course, in the middle our uses for the extra storage have increased too. We did not have so many digital videos, images and other multimedia data few years ago.