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That, This, The Other

By - July 09, 2007

News and insights I’ve seen over the past few days:

First, Google hit a new high Friday.

Second, BB on Weinberger on the telcos. Delaminate, baby!

Third, online spending is up again. Another study says so.

Jantsch notes that Intuit has a “follow me home” service to understand its customers better. Great idea.

Ars on Google on MSFT Vista integration. This is not going to go away soon.

Microsoft clears a hurdle to approval of its aQuantive acquisition.

Another Google wall of ideas.

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One thought on “That, This, The Other

  1. Bradley Horowitz says:

    John, rather than deep linking to the Flickr image could you link to it in context so it could be tagged, commented on, etc? Thanks…

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