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6 thoughts on “Social Networking, So Hot, Google and Yahoo Are Doing It Twice!

  1. Radek says:

    I have just finished read your book (The Search) in polish version (Szukaj)
    uff, impresive,
    it is very good written, interesting and exciting story
    good work!
    Radek, Poland

    (I sorry for my breake-English)

  2. Tim Case says:

    Orkut wasn’t a hit? Oh my american-centric friends go to Brazil, and learn what social networking really means.

  3. parag says:

    Yeah, Orkut is a hit in Brazil..but that’s about it. Its not a legit hit anywhere else in the world. India to some exoent but it died out there as well.

  4. stil says:

    I’m in the U.S. and my wife uses Orkut every day to talk to her Brazilian friends. She couldn’t live without the site now!

    I think its unfair to call the site “not a hit” just because it didn’t take off in the USA.

  5. Kádár Tamás says:

    Bush caused the 2001.szeptember.11. Bush asked some airplane from Azsia to US, and he got it, it was free, but he didn’t think the airplanes will be cancelled at World Trade Center. Bush have to resign now.
    Iraq is a bad joke too, too many people have died because of Bush. Bush have to resign.

  6. Marcelo Sant'Iago says:

    Orkut has more than 30 million users in Brazil alone.