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Hell Bent

By - July 27, 2007



“We are hell-bent to absolutely become a powerhouse in the ad business.” (Infoweek)

With deals from Digg (an FM partner, and now, FM is partnering with Microsoft), and EA, as well as buying AdECN and aQuantive, it’s clear we’re out of the “playing around” phase and into the “we’re not f*cking around” phase.

The aircraft carrier is turning, Mountain View….

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6 thoughts on “Hell Bent

  1. Jean-Marie Le Ray says:

    Excellent 😆

  2. stone says:

    yeah – AdECN is a veritable powerhouse. Nice move, guys!

  3. David S. says:

    Is it turning belly up or just listing?

  4. Jeremy W says:

    YES! MS is again hell bent!

    Can anyone say ZUNE! XBOX! VISTA!

    This bloated pile of rotting flesh and overwhelming stupidity is again hell bent!

    Yawn…..more failure.

    When will the shareholders profit?

    MSFT is starting to look like an excellent short.

  5. Tim Street says:

    Now if content creators can make decent advertising dollars by creating video content as opposed to using video content to make money from being web publishers.

  6. nmw says:

    nice timing! (sorry I’m late 😉

    let’s see what comes of this jingle jangle in the summer lull…

    😀 nmw