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7 thoughts on “YahooBay

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Boy, I’d be really surprised if this were anything but wishful thinking or theorizing on the part of bloggers/

  2. ken_gq says:

    makes a lot of sense. both yahoo! and eBay view Google as public enemy #1. yahoo! needs a strong and combative leader to rally the troops against google. meg as seen in the recent ebay-google dustup is ready for the challenge. seems like she might be a better leader to galvanize the troops to focus on fighting the common enemy. yahoo! could use a payment & voip solution, and ebay could use the portal to drive more traffic and commerce.

    in the end, the key reason it would make sense is meg whitman.

  3. Soren G says:

    Chris DeWolfe, founder and chief executive of MySpace, accuses Google of “trying to take over the world.”

    Sounds like the Google backlash has begun, and with some mighty big players. Hopefully, the race for domination of the internet will be lost by both Google and News Corp. But a Yahoo/Ebay team makes more and more sense.

  4. Albert says:

    One other small item in favor of this is the fact that Jerry Yang was a big proponent of the previous attempt at a Yahoo/Ebay merger. There was some internal opposition at the time, but most of those people are gone and the situation is obviously quite different now. With Jerry as the acting CEO, who knows?

  5. jenkins says:

    Big news coming this week regarding Yahoo, Google and Quigo – wow!

  6. John says:

    Out of all the potential rumors of mergers & acquisitions, I think this one makes the most sense. A lot of complementary assets and one thing that doesn’t often get discussed – proximity. Even though Yahoo! & eBay are both Internet companies, execution risk is still huge and being local to each other cannot be discounted.