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The LarryCopter

By - June 25, 2007


Larry Page made a splash at Foo this past weekend by arriving in his personal helicopter. The folks at Make, via Laughing Squid, show the landing and then have some fun with it.

I was in a session at Foo inside the O’Reilly building when Larry landed not 100 yards away. The amazing thing was none of us heard anything. The copter must be super quiet. And fast, I bet.

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5 thoughts on “The LarryCopter

  1. Tom Carden says:

    I was in one of the tent-based sessions when the chopper came in, and I’m sad to say it was really disruptive. Kinda rude, actually, we lost about 10 minutes of useful discussion so one person could make a flashy entrance.

    Shame he didn’t give free rides to make up for it!

  2. james dee says:

    The ‘EGO’ has landed!

  3. james dee says:

    The ‘EGO’ has landed!

    This incident reminds me of a report in The Times a couple of years back when a Microsoft spokesman greeted Bill Gates with the immortal words, “On behalf of the ‘human race’ we welcome you to London”.

  4. dave mcclure says:

    r u serious? that thing was LOUD. we were running a “half-baked” session in one of the tents later in the afternoon when he took off, and we had to start shouting…

    however, i must admit i was pretty stunned when were doing a session on specialized search, and larry walked in and joined 10-15 of us as were chatting… talk about bumping the conversation up a notch! that was really cool 🙂

    pretty impressive when founders of large companies still make time to get involved in in-depth technical conversations with us regular geeks. also pretty impressive that tim gets them to come out for foo!

  5. Henrik says:

    Doesn’t the helicopter look a little bit yahooesque in its color scheme?