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By - June 04, 2007

I missed this Post piece on “googlenoping” till today. The point is to find a phrase that does not exist in Google. Till of course you find it and blog it.

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5 thoughts on “GoogleNopes

  1. ForeignMama says:

    As a foreign writer trying to improve my English writing skills, I’ve always used an “upside down GoogleNopes” strategy to check my grammar and sentence construction. When I am not sure if whatever I’m writing is correct, I’ll Google it and use the wisdom of the masses to judge my word choices.

  2. Elias says:

    Googlewhacking – attempting to get just one result – has been around almost ten years now.

  3. ForeignMama says:

    Ten years? Google did not exist in 1997.

  4. Paul in NJ says:

    I got no hits at all searching for “Paul Remus and his Toy Boys,” a highwire act from Germany featuring midgets that immigrated to the US and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show (according to family lore). It would seem that acrobatic acts from early in the 20th Century qualify. (The same is probably true for any number of no-hit-wonder bands.)

  5. buzo says:

    They performed on the Abbott and Costello Colgate Comedy hour Season 1 Episode two, available on Netflix.