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Google Street View Easter Eggs

By - June 02, 2007

Coffee Anyone?

Scott Beale and Boing Boing are tracking the Easter Eggs or other funny things found in Street View – shots of Google’s Street View team, for example, freaked out cat owners, dead guys. New sites like streetviewr are popping up to track all this…my favorite: Honestly, I was just looking at her coffee…

How long till this becomes live video? Think about this for a moment. I am quite sure the NSA and the CIA are….

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9 thoughts on “Google Street View Easter Eggs

  1. benja says:

    …You’re right. We are watching the tech evolve before our very eyes. Its as if the camera were sped up so the film is playing in super slow-mo. In a few months it will be playing at full speed, ie: real time.

    Have you seen the godawful movie “De ja vu” ? It takes the idea of constant surveillance a step futher an adds weird time travel stuff. Google street view reminded me of it…

  2. Ken Hansen says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but aside from ad revenue on the results page, where is the monitization that turns this curiosity involving a few left coast neighborhoods into the security “concern” so many are writing about?

    And how to make a viable commercial justification for a real-time offering? (If nothing else the Carbon footprint of driving all those cars around the globe constantly would doom us all!)

  3. WalterGR says:

    BTW, I’ve also started a site to capture cool pictures from Street View. 🙂 You can search the pictures by category and vote on the best views…



  4. Harley says:

    Here is another site:

  5. hollyster says:

    “How long till this becomes live video? Think about this for a moment. I am quite sure the NSA and the CIA are….”

    Live video feed? Hmmm privacy on the streets might just die. A live feed would be like Ice-9 in the wrong hands, it could be deadly.

  6. Paule says:

    Stop, one moment, one question. Ever thought about the amount of date you have to collect and distribute through the internet, to catch all necessary Photos for this what they have right know. 20 cameras * 30 fps * (Number of Locations) * 30 s (the duration one spot is photographed).

    Any now THINK about the Live Video Idear. Still 20 Cameras * 30 fps *
    (Number of Locations) * 60 s * 60 m * 24 h * 365 Days (a year).

    And now compare the amount of data. I know my numbers there are not very accurate and so on and some things should be defnied more precisely, but it should give you an idear of the propotions of the complexitiy of both scenarios.

  7. goole sucks says:

    if there is no need to delete all the people form the photos.
    we should just put a live camera infront of the house of some google workers or founders. so anyone can see whats going on there and may be also a very nice tool for kidnapping.

    sorry for my bad english.

  8. i have one qeustion,how the hell did they get these pictures, did a google van just driver through the street recording as it went. just curious

  9. Kenny says:

    Nathan — You are correct. Amazon had a street view first and then the other companies started to follow suit.

    Here some more: