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Google Cancels EBay Party – Ebay Cancels Google Ads

By - June 14, 2007

Guess I was wrong. A reader sent me a cancellation notice, Google is now no longer trying to poach the party goers at EBay’s fest. I bet some senior folks on both sides must have traded a few curtly worded emails….

Update: Holy sh8t, check this out:

EBay Inc. has pulled all of its advertising from Google Inc.’s U.S. network in what is widely seen as punishment for trying to crash eBay’s user conference in Boston this week.

The move exposes the widening rift between eBay and Google, as they increasingly compete on new products, making a public showdown inevitable, according to analysts.

“We’ve seen that the two companies have been on a collision course for a long time,” said Derek Brown, an analyst for Cantor Fitzgerald. “This seems to be the latest and most bizarre twist.”

Yes they have been. As a reader of Searchblog, though, you have known that for a very long time.

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7 thoughts on “Google Cancels EBay Party – Ebay Cancels Google Ads

  1. Gerald Buckley says:

    $25mm stings Google. Sure. They would bend over and pick it up off the sidewalk if they found it. But, what does pulling that spend do to eBay!? They were spending it and seeing a return. Where are they going to park that now? The Federated Media Network maybe! 🙂

    I see a self inflicted wound here for eBay’s earnings. Imagine all those little doohicky’s not getting sold at auction because of this. Merchants are going to notice the difference if it lasts too long.

  2. jfno says:

    Doesn’t this means it’s time for an EBay affiliates to buy adwords for some EBay search term and make a nice affiliatte bounty? Even better, this is probably a good time for all the online auction sites to spend some marketing dough and gain a little market share. Who is going to be the biggest loser?

  3. John says:

    I wish Google the best of luck in this front. I would love to use Google Base to sell the occasional random toys I decide to part with, rather than ebay. The only reason I haven’t is because of the significant market share eBay holds.

    Google should step up and promote their Base right now.

  4. Carmel Lisciotto says:

    How corny can two companies get…

    Carmelo Lisciotto

  5. Tom Nocera says:

    And Boston is such a wicked hot party location, too. Shucks. (Seems my invitation got lost in the mail anyway.)

  6. nmw says:

    sfgate is running ads by yahoo hotjobs, citibank, … — and Google. But the San Francisco Chronicle is a newspaper for “losers”, right?

    ;P nmw