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Google – Feedburner: It's Official

By - June 01, 2007


The Google blog:

We’re very pleased to tell you that we’ve just acquired FeedBurner.

For those of you who aren’t bloggers, podcasters, or feed creators, Chicago-based FeedBurner is a leading provider of feed distribution and management tools. A web feed is a way for online publishers to syndicate their content and deliver it straight to readers. Each day, FeedBurner delivers feeds to millions of users around the world and offers unique and useful tools for publishers to analyze, optimize, and monetize their content. Further, FeedBurner offers a feed advertising platform for advertisers to reach engaged feed readers through targeted in-feed ads and innovative techniques like RSS feed-driven ads.

We’re excited to continue offering the exceptional tools of FeedBurner to content creators throughout the world, and our teams will work together to improve the experiences of feed users, advertisers, and publishers. You can sign up for FeedBurner’s services and take advantage of their feed tools and features immediately.

Feedburner’s blog has tons more.

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3 thoughts on “Google – Feedburner: It's Official

  1. Dr. Pete says:

    Careful, David; Eric might not invite you to the next Tech Cocktail 🙂 As long as the money’s flowing again, it’s great to see some of it flowing our way here in the Windy City.

  2. AndrewRedfern says:

    Google had bought some utter tat in the past but this is their shrewdest purchase yet. The data that feedburner will push back into Google will give them a huge advantage over the other two.

    Yahoo & MSN et al are you ever going to respond?