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From the Feeds

By - June 06, 2007

BoingBoing rounds up *very* interesting reader input on the implications of Street View.

Google and Ebay: gearing up for audio ads.

- “Digg for chicks.”

Ask’s commercial leaked by TC.

Whitacre still stirring the pot, though he does not have a company pot to piss in anymore (he’s retired from AT&T)…

Joi: Media companies are driving the boom.

Clip and Sling. Hell yes, this is what I’ve been talking about for years.

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From the Feeds

By - June 03, 2007

What seems interesting as I catch up tonight:

Revealing The Sources Of Google News

Schmidt Calls Viacom’s $1B Lawsuit “Just A Mistake”

Where 2.0: Microsoft Adds to the 3D Web

Live Search Books: Now with In-Copyright Content

Mike Volpi, new Joost CEO


Google Maps zoom: here’s the device and vehicle behind it

The future of the music business…again

TiVo prepping a “mass appeal” HD DVR priced below Series 3

Chad … I Am Your Father … [D5]

Lose the Scorecard

Google Street View: would it be more/less evil if it were CIA or NSA?

Best Wikipedia category EVER

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