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By - May 04, 2007


Well sheesh, who didn’t know these two were talking. Is there substance here? Apparently enough to get the papers talking. I’ll put in a few calls…the original source of this story is the New York Post. We may want to check on that….

Yahoo/Microsoft makes less sense to me than Soverture, but then again, as predicted and discussed here and here, GoogleClick pushes these two into each others arms. It was the first prediction I made in January of this year. Not exactly rocket science.

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6 thoughts on “YaSoft

  1. Michael Martinez says:

    Cute name, but “Microhoo” may be more apt. A merger between these two companies would, as far as search is concerned, probably shrink their combined market share even more.

  2. Arjun Kapur says:

    The first time this was obvious was when AdCenter was in Beta more then a year ago. There was no point building a milti-million dollar platform without any traffic to back it up! Microsoft has needed Yahoo ever since.

  3. Joseph Kr├╝gersten says:

    I believe that Microsoft would be doing a huge mistake by acquiring Yahoo. It would make much more sense if they acquired a smaller company like FAST Search & Transfer and used its technology to create as much trouble for Google as possible. FAST’s AdMomentum could be a helpful tool if they want to hurt Google’s key revenue source.

  4. Abram Shapiro says:

    Didn’t Yahoo already acquire FAST? I think Overture bought both FAST Search & Transfer and Altavista prior to being bought by Yahoo. So Yahoo owns FAST, Microsoft will need to buy elsewhere?

  5. Nuno Leitao says:

    Abram, no Yahoo! did not acquire FAST.

  6. EricSimpsonjr says:

    I am a shareholder in FAST.
    The company sold its internet business to Overture in 2003. Someone remember ? FAST FTF search ?
    FAST bought Altavista’s enterprice search, and Overture bought Altavista’s web business, plus Overture.
    FAST is traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and the ticker is FAST.

    It’s nice to be back in the internet business (with AdMomentum) and FAST has more nice internet projects running.
    I’n a couple of months, they officially opens Ezmo(easy to find the webadress). Ezmo is Betatesting nowadays. Ezmo will be a place to share music legally. The site takes a copy of your media library and makes your songs aviable to play and share with 10 other Ezmo users. Accessable on all units with access to the internet. (Mobile phones etc..)