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Yahoo's MyBlogLog to Rebrand, Other Changes…

By - May 13, 2007


Thanks to reader David for this:

At SOBcon yesterday in Chicago, Robyn Tippins, who was recently hired as the MyBlogLog community manager, spoke about several major upcoming changes with MyBlogLog.

There are several changes in the works:

1) The biggest news is that there will be a rebranding of MyBlogLog. The exact timing and new brand were not revealed. (YahooBlogLog or MyYahooLog? Time will tell.)

2) A complete site redesign is on the way!

3) A new “Widget 2.0″ is coming with some hover features.

4) Yahoo! is hard at work to remove the offensive photos so that MyBlogLog would be palatable to more conservative business blogs.

5) Some sort of method to turn off your presence for some types of sites will be added.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo's MyBlogLog to Rebrand, Other Changes…

  1. Hiroko says:

    He could have summarized all five points to “so we decided to sell out.”

  2. pittfall says:

    Time will tell? How much, I wonder?

    MyBlogLog is a unique concept, but it still remains to be seen… what affects Yahoo! will have on the online community. My first question after the acquisition still is unanswered, when and how will Yahoo market their new company?

    This product can become a very, very valuable property for Yahoo, but if they misstep, it can cost them! I guess we will have to (still) wait!