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Yahoo Testing New Search Look?

By - May 03, 2007

New Yahoo Look-1

From Rob Phillips, an astute reader in the UK, a new look for Yahoo search. He can only see this from a UK IP address looking at the main site, not

He reports:

They have their entire cascading stylesheet in the source of the page generated. I imagine they will tidy this up soon…

Still, the new branding looks pretty good to me!

The first stage of an AJAX’y search results page? Certainly looks that way….

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10 thoughts on “Yahoo Testing New Search Look?

  1. Trogdor says:

    Sure looks a lot like a search. Based on the graphic above, I like it. Now (thinking in a practical sense) where are the PPC ads? I guess for the chosen query there wouldn’t be, but that’s a part of how it’d look.

  2. Chris says:

    > I imagine they will tidy this up soon…

    Externally linked files are one of the biggest hits to page load time. Inline css is the way to go for high performace sites. You won’t see that go away.

  3. I am surprised the snippets are given so little space. Wasn’t there a study by Microsoft not too long ago about users correlating longer snippets of relevant text with better quality of search results.

    Chris – an externally linked CSS is only hit once and then cached, embedded CSS has to be loaded each and every time.

  4. Elliott C. B├Ąck says:

    As long as they just have a /single/ CSS file they’re going to have great performance. Same for JS… just have one!

  5. Rob Phillips says:

    The sponsored results are shown on the right of the screen and at the bottom. Doesnt appear to be any changes to the bottom of the page.

    “Also try” still at the top… with Yahoo Answers at the bottom.

    Interestingly when i searched Yahoo last night from a different location (still in London) i got the old results page. This morning back in work i get the new design again.

    It almost sounds like they are testing the behaviour of the new design in a limited number of areas/datacenters.

  6. Rob Phillips says:

    With regard to the CSS… they are now including the link rather than the entire css file. Link to the page below:

    Please include http://

    The file name probably stands for Yahoo search new search results page 2.0 then the date .css ???

  7. Liam Billington says:

    Oh it is in Microsoft blue as to the traditional Yahoo red and yellow. Could this be for the merger ;-P

  8. DavidDalka says:

    Actually, official colors are purple and white now as per the business cards.

  9. Soapster says:

    Assuming Microsoft is going to buy Yahoo as widely speculated, does this mean that Microsoft will become a part owner of Google? Do they have the prize catch in their sights?

  10. Feinkost says:

    This is quite astonishing – together with your current blog entry about the talk between Microsoft and Yahoo this builds a quite new view on the scene…