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By - May 28, 2007

Stuff worth noting I missed near the end of the week, as I was traveling:

Blinkx goes public, soars.

FT has an op ed from Google’s global privacy counsel. This in response to the EU noise earlier this week.

Google and Dell taking some flack for approaches to software bundling.

Facebook gets generally positive reviews after its first developer conference. “The anti-Myspace” seems to be the buzz.

Cringely says it’s inevitable: Google will do itself in because there are more good ideas than the company can go after. I’m not convinced. Google may lose some folks to entreprenuerialism, but that’s entirely normal. The NYT covers how Google recruits.

From Ars: The Future of Google Mobile Search.

Bloggers are more connected than journalists. Huh. What if we’re both?

Yahoo testing linking to outside sites on homepage. Firehose, ho!

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5 thoughts on “This That

  1. mike says:

    RE: Bloggers are more connected than journalists. Huh. What if we’re both?

    What a load of horse maneur. That has got to be the most misleading (if not offensive) headline I’ve read all week. Quantity vs. Quality, anybody?

  2. nmw says:

    re: Cringly

    You’ve read Barlow, right? Just for the teenagers, that’s:

    I wish more people would recognize what makes the Internet such a powerful medium — namely that it’s phlat (pretty hyertext local and topical)….

    ;D nmw

  3. nmw says:

    re: Google/Dell

    that’s bumbling!

    ;D nmw

  4. Kimo Crossman says:

    “The Decline of News” SF Chronicle OpEd attacks Google

    The decline of news
    Neil Henry
    Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    The Chronicle’s announcement earlier this month that 100 newsroom jobs will be slashed in the coming weeks in the face of mounting financial woes represents just the latest chapter in a tragic story of traditional journalism’s decline.

    Reportedly losing an estimated $1 million a week, the paper’s owner, the Hearst Corp., concluded it had no recourse but to trim costs by laying off reporters, editors and other skilled professionals, or offering buyouts to the most seasoned journalists in order to induce them to leave. The cuts reportedly will amount to a quarter of The Chronicle’s editorial staff. (snip)

    While that may be true, the time has come for corporations such as Google to accept more responsibility for the future of American journalism, in recognition of the threat “computer science” poses to journalism’s place in a democratic society. (snip)

  5. Rick says:

    The Chronicle is blaming Google for its declining revenues? We get both the Chron and the SJ Mercury News at home, and the Merc is simply better. At this point, the only reason to keep the Chron is because we get the weekly free when we pay for Sunday-only. While both papers are mostly comprised of the same wire stories, the Merc does a pretty good job of covering actual Valley tech business stories, while the Chronicle business section mostly runs idiot David Lazarus opinion columns. I am not sure what the Chron “owns” but it sure isn’t biotech or Valley business coverage. On a more practical note, the Merc is delivered hours before the Chron, so if you get up at sunrise, the Chron is still sleeping…

    At our house, we pay to get the newspaper, but we also use Google news to read articles from other sources. The Merc is good enough that it’s worth getting at home. The Chronicle isn’t. It doesn’t matter how many news sites Google links to; the Chron just isn’t worth reading.