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Mahalo Launches

By - May 30, 2007


I’m not at the D conference this week, as business has kept me on the East Coast. But at that event, Jason Calacanis just launched his “people-powered search engine” and I happened to be meeting with one of his Board members here in New York. So I got a bit of inside scoop. Jason has a star studded line up of investors (from CBS to Jon Miller to Mark Cuban to Fred Wilson to many more), and a focus on the top search terms – the head of search, so to speak, including human brains (humans help organize the best results for the top search terms, as I understand it). More here, the site is not yet live. I’ve asked Jason for an interview, once he gets through the crush of D, I hope he’ll have the time to respond.

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  • David Berkowitz

    I’m not sure Jason needs any more PR. Now that Mahalo’s live, it seems like it would be quickly forgotten if anyone else were to have launched it.

  • Bob Pack

    don’t waste your time….it ain’t worth talking about

  • greg

    I agree with Bob, don’t waste your time.

  • Peter

    What’s to talk about? crossed with DMOZ?


  • nmw

    No Domains? No Sex? WTF??

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  • Moses Kagan

    Just had a look at Mahalo’s search results for ‘loan’, one of those magical words that make Google / Yahoo / etc. so much money. You can read about the results at – but suffice it to say that I’ll be sticking with Google for the time-being.

  • stone

    This is much worse than expected and shocking that Sequoia backed this guy. He’s a blogger – always has been, always will be. It doesn’t mean he can build a real tech-driven Internet business. I think it’s a cynical attempt to collect more Google AdSense checks.

  • Dr. Pete

    Like the other commenters, I’ll believe it when I see it. Sequioa threw a pile of money at Calacanis and said “go build a company” (something he’s stated publicly). Personally, I don’t think innovation works that way.

  • Jordan

    It’s hard for me to see “people powered search”, executed this way, to be the future of search — or any step forward, for that matter.

    I think of “people powered search” to be something different, where each of us are the spiders/crawlers and our behaviors/interests form the indices.

    Jordan /
    (John, your TypeKey sign-in leads to a 404)