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Found on SearchMob

By - May 08, 2007

SearchMob is in a bit of a lull since I stopped posting roundups from there, but found today, a cool extension for Firefox that “automatically shows you whether or not the search results listed will contain the keywords in your search query. ”

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One thought on “Found on SearchMob

  1. It also allows large title attribute text previews and the ability to open a right side iframe for the results ….so the navigation is on the left side and the opened site is on the right

    This is perfect for those using wide angle screens eg 1200 by 800 and above or 20 inch monitors

    But as every seo knows just because a term does not appear on a page IN TEXT does not mean it is not an image or flash

    also, google factors in text from backlinks that may have the term (democratic voting)

    But all in all, it is an interesting add on – it would be nice if it could also give the pagerank of the listings in the serps