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Cuban On Yahoo Comcast

By - May 02, 2007

How this guy has time to blog while watching the Warriors run circles around the Mavericks (except last night in the last two minutes) is beyond me. But what he has to say about the Comcast deal is interesting:

In short, Yahoo and Comcast can start working together to develop video content and ad platforms that Google can’t touch. Any video that is streamed from can be streamed at bit rates that match the user’s throughput, including commercials. If Comcast can deliver on demand video at full DVD quality to PCs, it can deliver commercials at that quality. All without ever touching the internet.

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3 thoughts on “Cuban On Yahoo Comcast

  1. Steven says:

    the combination of yahoo and comcast looks interesting. may be together they can try to fight google

  2. chico says:

    but why would comcast want to fight google? they’re better of using someone who can monetize their audience more effectively. That certainly isn’t yahoo unless they are artificially giving comcast more than their fair share. that can’t last forever.

  3. Paul J says:

    I would guess that, just like HDTV and DVD platform standards, there will eventually be one internet-TV advertising platform standard. And I would guess – much like John’s Google shouldn’t buy NBC post – that Google will be in a better position to be the defacto advertising platform if they are agnostic. Yahoo doesn’t have a stellar record for technology implementations either.

    Lets remember that most traditional media buyers (the people who place advertising in TV, Print, Outdoor) are still struggling to comprehend interactive advertising’s potential. These same people are not going to readily deal with multiple formats. Add to that mix the fact that content providers don’t share the sandbox well and we’ll see how things shake out.