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Update on DoubleClick and Google

By - April 19, 2007


When I interviewed Eric, several of you wondered why I didn’t ask these two questions:

1.Will Google make Doubleclick free?

2. Several sources have told me that Google has built and tested a Doubleclick like platform, then decided to buy the company anyway. True, false, or no comment?

Well, I ran out of time, and we had a lot to cover. So I asked the folks at Google if they could respond, and they have. Here you go:

1. At this time we will continue to operate DoubleClick’s services as they have been operated in the past. They have a proven and successful business model and we don’t have immediate plans to change it.

2. We are always exploring technology solutions that solve user, advertiser and publisher issues. Currently our plan is to work w/DoubleClick to continue to support its existing customers and to develop more advanced versions of its current services that will ultimately benefit users and advertisers and publishers of all sizes.

Thanks, Google!

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