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Thanks For the Conversation

By - April 25, 2007

That was a lot of fun! Many of you had more questions, post em here if you want and I’ll get to them once I get off the plane I’m about to jump onto. Thanks to sponsor WebEx!

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3 thoughts on “Thanks For the Conversation

  1. nmw says:

    Great discussion!

    I hope that we didn’t miss too much of your presentation by getting “off track” (perhaps a sequel?).

    Believe it or not, another question occurred to me shortly before the chat ended:

    What might speed up the growth of online literacy? Do you feel competition (among search companies and/or other online media) would foster or inhibit growth?

  2. hamid says:

    Thanks John,
    It was really great, I’m looking forward to watch it’s recorded tape.

  3. epictum says:

    Great insights! I particularly liked the DOS commands/GUI vs. search queries and steering wheel analogies. The other day, I was thumbing through an old magazine and stumbled onto this site, which kind of plays on your idea of doing multiple things simultaneoulsy (and subconsciously). I’m already beginning to wonder how technology will be adapted into our daily lives after two generations of all this stimuli. Guess you’ll have plenty more books to write =)