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4 thoughts on “Target Acquired

  1. Isabel Wang says:

    For a second, I thought you meant Google is buying Target, the retail chain. Reminded me of Google’s patent application for tying billboard ads to nearby stores’ inventory systems.

  2. Darius Peczek says:

    And Google is the fastest growing brand in the world, since it was registered only in 1997. It might be a good time now to start asking question which brand will be number one in 10 years time?

  3. nmw says:

    cn? mobi? live? md? tv? fm? eu? info? net? org? int? shopping? …?

  4. Rob says:

    I dont buy these ComScore figures for a number of methodology reasons. They are only a little more accurate than Alexa…

    Personally, i think Yahoo and MSFT are (long-term) in a better position than people give them credit for… primarily because of Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.

    For me communication is the be all and end all of the interweb. If you control the method of communication then you control the behaviour of the end user. You can therefore offer some control on the destinations the end user visits.

    Yahoo should buy Opera… and integrate its Email service completely into the browser. Then promote the hell out of its newly acquired browser. Afterall it doesnt have to worry about competition authorities at the moment, unlike MSFT.