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Paul, I Agree

By - April 24, 2007

I know I give Google it’s (fair) ration of crap from day to day, regardless of those of you who feel I’m a Google apologist. Well, you can’t win both sides of that argument, all you can do is be honest to what comes to mind. Right?

And when I read this from Paul, I have to say, I quite agree.

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2 thoughts on “Paul, I Agree

  1. Oracep says:

    Still searching for a name, John?

    Way back Dec 2003 you said:

    Funny how am idea gathers momentum. As I was penning my Implications of RSS For Business column for 2.0 (awaiting publication in dead tree form in three weeks), Scott Rosenberg was writing a pean as well, published in Salon this morning. He suggests we need a name for what RSS represents, just as the Web became the mainstream’s understanding of HTML, we need a name for RSS. He reminds us we’ve been here before (remember Push? I was a reluctant contributor to this 1996 article, which began as an email thread in the Wired offices…)
    In any case, I agree with Scott, we need a name. All the businesses in this space are still in the pre-market phase. RSS allows us to connect more efficiently, to grok information as we like it, when we like it – but what do we call it? I like to say my reader and blogs/news sources is my personal ecology – is there an idea in there somewhere? In any case, it’s exciting to see the idea start to take popular flight. Watch for the NYT treatment soon.

  2. Halfdeck says:

    Writing biased, sensational posts seems like a fad that just refuses to go away. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for biased opinions, but when they have no legs to stand on, they make fools out of people who write them.