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Jobs on Searchblog

By - April 04, 2007

Huh, what do you know, there are six jobs on the Searchblog jobs board. I expected maybe two. Hey, maybe I’ll post a few more myself!

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Auction, we Got Auction Sez DBCLK

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See Paid Content on the NYT:

DoubleClick, the online ad firm, which is in talks with Microsoft and Google for a possible sale, is in the process of launching an online ad auction exchange, reports NYT. In this online exchange, to be launched in Q3, publishers and ad buyers will participate in auctions for ad space. It has signed up 35 Web publishers, advertising networks, agencies and advertisers to test the system. Two of the testers are, a large ad network, and Media Contacts, an interactive media buyer that is part of Havas. DoubleClick will charge a commission for each ad impression traded on its exchange.

More Google News

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First, they finally gave me a Google Desktop for the Mac. But I will be honest with you. I am not eager to have Google scan my desktop and organize my information. It’s not that I don’t trust the folks at Google, the people I know there are all high integrity and I’m convinced their values pretty much mirror my own. It’s that I don’t trust Google, the corporation. Am I alone? Or a paranoid freak?

And in the spirit of helping the web be more efficient, and therefore make more money for everyone (including Google), the company announced Website Optimizer.

Website Optimizer, Google’s free multivariate testing application, helps online marketers increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by continually testing different combinations of site content (text and images). Rather than sitting in a room and arguing over what will work better, you can save time and eliminate the guesswork by simply letting your visitors tell you what works best.

Free multivariate testing

Website Optimizer is a self-service application designed to give marketers full control over testing. Not only does Website Optimizer – integrated into AdWords – test messages on all site traffic (not just AdWords traffic), but it also works alongside Google Analytics and all third party site analytics packages.

This one I think I’ll be testing!

Google TV Trial Details

By - April 02, 2007

From an email from Google:

Google Announces TV Ads Trial

At Google, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience and bring value to advertisers, publishers and partners. Users spend a lot of time watching TV so improving the relevance of advertising information on that medium is important. That’s why today we are excited to announce our trial to deliver Google TV ads. Working closely with our partners, EchoStar and Astound Cable, we are currently running a trial to deliver better ads to viewers and help advertisers, operators and programmers more efficiently buy, schedule, deliver and measure ads on television.

Deliver more relevant ads to viewers and provide better reporting for advertisers

Advances in set-top-box technologies make it possible to report aggregate statistics on how many times an ad was viewed and whether it was watched through to the end. As part of this trial, we will be working with partners to use aggregate, anonymized set-top-box metrics to deliver timely and accurate viewing reports. Advertisers can use this data to understand the effectiveness of their TV ad campaigns and use this information to provide more relevant ads to viewers.

Bring more advertisers to TV and help inventory owners

With our AdWords™ and AdSense™ advertising programs we have seen the benefits of the long tail and we think we can apply these principles to help grow the TV advertising industry. Our goal is to extend the reach and visual power of this medium to include more advertisers, large and small, and help monetize more TV programming with relevant ads.

Create efficiencies in the existing model

With Google TV ads, the entire process is automated – from planning the campaign to uploading and serving the ad to reporting on its effectiveness. Like our AdWords advertising program, Google TV ads are bought using an auction model and through a single online interface that is already familiar to agencies and advertisers. Advertisers can target by demographic, daypart and channel and pay only for actual impressions delivered. Pricing is on a CPM basis. Because the entire process is automated and online, advertisers can plan their TV ad campaigns efficiently all year long. The flexibility of this model also allows advertisers to make changes to their campaigns as often and as quickly as they like.

This is an early trial. We look forward to getting feedback and working closely with advertisers, agencies and partners to improve and expand our TV ads offering.

more from SEL


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I’m traveling for family reasons today, a few stories worth noting:

Topix Does the Citizen Journo Thang

Facebook is growing. A lot.

Blogging Code? Here’re FM’s Mores.

Google might buy DoubleClick after all. But…why? Oh wait, now I know. To push Microsoft to spend even more for it. If Google buys DoubleClick, I’ll eat this post.

Well done, EMI.

Yahoo is testing new approaches in search too.

New Orleans Google Maps kerfluffle.