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Look, It's Almost Friday

By - April 05, 2007

And honestly, it’s been one hell of a week. So when a major artist makes fun of another major artist via YouTube, you have to just smile, and love the fact that the web lets all this happen. For your consideration:

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5 thoughts on “Look, It's Almost Friday

  1. John says:

    And really, that song deserves some mockery.

    A couple of ideas though…

    I wonder what the take on copyright is in this case? Are Alanis Morissette and Black Eyed Peas (or is it just Fergie….or hmmm is that really her name?) on the same record label? Was Alanis payed to make this? Did someone have to pay royalties?

    Second, a google of “fergie songs my humps” returns Alanis’ video in the top two spaces. That’s interesting marketing.

  2. Soren G says:

    I think Alanis nailed this. It is that great combination of good quality and funny. Now lets wait to see Fergie (who I never heard of till a few day ago) do a rendition of Alanis’ song “thank you” walking around mainly naked in the city! Also, it should be mentioned that she put this out on April Fools Day.

  3. ExposureTim says:

    I love it – thanks for posting this.

    It’s kinda like a Johnny Cash’s Nine-Inch-Nails cover, but in mockery rather than revere-y.

    Kudos to Alanis.

  4. PaulSweeney says:

    very good. going to send it to every “sensible woman I know”. That original humps song was a real low….

  5. crawford says:

    Brilliant! Just the right amount of Vonnegutness 😉 Thanks for pointing and sharing.